GLOBAL DIGITAL ASSETS (GDA) FUND is a digital assets proprietary investment fund located in Australia and Dubai International Financial Centre. We originated out of Blockchain Partners in 2016. 

Our investment thesis is simple. People hate to think that bad things are happening so they always underestimate the likelihood. Our core strategies are driven by wildcard scenarios. 

In short, Black Swan Insurance for crypto—the focus of our fund is implementing a tail risk hedging approach for selected cryptocurrency markets that will be converted into a multi crypto instrument basket index for transparent tracking and performance, allowing for greater transparency into the fund and strategic positioning and alignment as the only crypto native tail risk fund operating in the markets. 

Our philosophy.


The traditional approach to the markets has been to either chase the return and bear the risk, or to de-risk and accept the lower rewards. Unfortunately the reality is most investors follow the first approach when times are good and markets are calm, and move to de-risking mode when markets sell off. The outcome is risky assets are held when the returns are lowest and the transition to safety occurs when low risk assets are most expensive.

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