Automated Chart Pattern Recognition Infrastructure (ACPRI)

State-of-the-art pattern recognition Infrastructure natively designed for crypto.

GDA’s ACPRI (Automated Chart Pattern Recognition Infrastructure) is a revolutionary middleware application that takes advantage of Machine Learning to detect and automate cryptocurrency chart pattern recognition.

With ACPRI, we can provide a systematic trader perspective in a unique ML framework to train  ML models. This framework will:

  • Provide a visual perspective to the trader
  • Extract finely-grained granular information from patterns
  • Provide correlation between charts and patterns
  • Process graphical and numerical data together to provide meaningful results
  • Analyze massive data sets, which is not possible manually.

The ACPRI Architecture

The ACPRI consists of three layers of modules, each of which is responsible for providing a unique subset of a trader’s perspective.

The Typical Technical Pattern Analysis (TTPA)

This module consists of up to 2,000 common technical chart patterns, including head and shoulders, flags, wedges, cups and handles, and rectangles.

Volume and Liquidity Clusters Chart Analysis (VLCCA) module

Uniquely designed libraries of liquidity and volume clusters on spots and futures from major centralised exchanges. Its primary aim is to identify and represent the market microstructure strength, liquidity depth, market relativity and momentum. The VLCCA module helps identify the major liquidity concentration areas, spot stop hunting, liquidity traps, SFP areas.

The Advanced Technical Pattern Analysis (ATPA)

Tailored for the Bitcoin (BTC)and Ethereum (ETH) futures markets to represent and identify the market microstructure correlations, strength or weakness, trend development, shapeshifting phenomenon, identify a trading range and the trend distribution, downtrends, and sideways markets.

ACPR: Deep Learning, CNN, and LSTM

At GDA, we have continued with our proud tradition of cutting edge innovation with the development of our ACPRI framework. Most other chart analysis tools in use today use basic image processing techniques. In contrast, ACPRI is based on Deep Learning (DL) techniques, like Convolution Neural Networks (CNN) and Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) for pattern extraction and recognition, resulting in accurate prediction of future market analysis trends. This technology will make ACPRI a superior tool.

A comprehensive article outlining GDA’s ACPRI tool can be found here.