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We love our developer and trader community, join us today for a next-generation of financial engineering & trading.

We are a team of passionate engineers, traders, quant researchers and crypto maximalists.

We have adopted vertically integrated product development, operation and innovation for our R&D. Our scientific approach and extreme engineering to algorithmic trading and financial data engineering enables us to build one of the world’s innovative environments for crypto research and algorithmic trading.


Current R&D

  • Project L3 Atom—the world's first open crypto data initiative. By using advanced maths, data science, high-performing computing and clever engineering, we were able to recreate the L3 order book into its atomic structure in real-time, enabling a new generation of data analysis methodologies, quantitative finance and algorithmic trading solutions.
  • Development of backtesting engine by mirroring Binance and Bybit exchange in our servers in nano-second granularity, with extreme precision to replicate the real-world trading environment.
  • Develop, test multiple systematic HTF trading on framework on 30s, 1m, 5m, 10m (BTC/USD Futures & Perpetual).
  • Removing Noise from Crypto Volume & Liquidity Data (GDA Level I — Level III filters and indicators framework)
  • Expand L3 Atom in to DEX (Trade Vol snapshots, Concentrated Liquidity, Range Position, Mempool,IL (Impermanent Loss)
  • Expand L3 Atom in to DeFi: APY (Annual percentage yield),APR (annual percentage interest),TVL (Total Value Locked),Trade Vol snapshots,Liquidity snapshots)
  • An institutional-grade quant workflow infrastructure for rapid strategy development.
  • Advanced execution and matching engine with aggregated deep liquidity in spots and futures (DEX & CEX)
  • Liquidity clusters management for LPs & risk distribution tranches modeling and agent-based execution optimization.