Cryptocurrency Act of 2020 & India lifts a two-year ban

As 2020 builds further regulatory clarity for digital assets and reduces entry friction for global investments into this growing market, India also announces overturning the Central bank’s two-year-old ban on cryptocurrency trading.


Will Bitcoin’s third halving follow cues from other PoW coins?

Bitcoin halving is just a few days away and unlike the last two times, the third halving will occur in a “recession-esque” environment. In addition, Bitcoin’s narrative as a currency and/or a store of value will be tested in the upcoming years, with it never yet facing a recession.  


Deconstructing the Mystery Behind Yesterday’s Pump

Between April 29 and 30, Bitcoin surged from $7,700 to $9,500, a 22% surge. This sudden increase in the price was definitely a surprise to most people as it caused a cascade of liquidations in the millions.


Is Bitcoin Still a Safe Haven Asset?

The development of Bitcoin was motivated by the shortcomings of the traditional financial system but the narrative around Bitcoin has changed, people have nitpicked Satoshi’s emails and texts on online forums and reiterated it to what it is now.

What Bitcoin’s recent difficulty adjustment means for the price?


Bitcoin’s difficulty adjustment by 9.29% On June 04, this makes it the second difficulty adjustment since the halving and could perhaps be the last negative difficulty adjustment for a while.


Bitcoin Market Update - Price Forecast

Bitcoin is still stuck trending sideways between a range high of $10,500 and a range low of $8,800. The price was sticking close to the range low, however, it still hasn’t breached the level successfully



Deglobalization is testing previous modest but broad based economic recovery predictions for Q1 2020 as COVID-19 forces dramatic economical shock, disruption and elevates market uncertainty.



Geopolitical unrest in Hong Kong, increased trade tensions between US and China and US Treasury yield curve mid year moves all influenced the path of emerging markets equities in 2019. What will 2020 bring?


Bitcoin Market Update April 21, 2020

As of Tuesday, the price of West Texas Intermediate crude oil for the month of May created history as it entered the negative territory. The price per barrel traded as low as -$40 on Monday night, however, at the time of writing, the price was at -$4.


Bitcoin’s third halving is done, what now?

The third Bitcoin halving took place on May 11, 2020, at approximately 3:21 p.m EST, at block height 630,000 and it was a momentous occasion for most bitcoiners, as this was their first halving. The third halving has cut Bitcoin’s block reward from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC.


Bitcoin Market Update - Price Forecast

On a daily time frame, bitcoin has seen a massive resistance at $10,500 level. After getting rejected twice above the $10,000 range, the price has managed to form a bearish pattern - ascending parallel channel.



As the decentralized finance field continues to grow, with the total USD value passing $700 million in 2019, lending still predominates, but the future could hold more for this with new products building interest in the broader financial market.  


Preparing a Portfolio for Climate Change

Global trends in green tech investments and looking to China as leaders in renewable energy investments.


Bitcoin and the Recession

Bitcoin was birthed out of one recession. But would it survive going through one itself? This article aims to answer just that question. 


Oil Prices, Dow Jones and what the future holds

Although it's April 2020, a lot has happened in the world in the last 4 months. The scare of an all-out war between the U.S. and Iran, the Australian bush fires, and the most lasting one - a pandemic that has brought life to a standstill.


Bitcoin Blockchain gets congested, again

Bitcoin is no doubt the king of all cryptocurrencies, in terms of price, popularity, and adoption. However, being the most popular means more attention and hence, more scrutiny.


The connection between Bitcoin spot and CME futures: Where is Bitcoin headed?

Although CME was not the first to launch Bitcoin futures, it has maintained its dominance in the field. At press time, the 24-hour trading volume of BTC futures on CME was around $270 million.

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