Institutional-grade L2, L3 & L3 Atomic data stream.

Open Data Streaming Suite (ODSS)

Enhanced Data

Last, Index and Mark price, Open interest/value, Cross sequential, delivery fee rate, Predicted delivery price, Predicted funding rate, Aggregate Open Position Values, long Short Ratio, Taker Volume, Contract/Index Basis, Error Logs

Customisable Data

Normalised Funding Rate (NFR), Extended Open Interest (EOI), Fund Flow Ratio, ADL/Insurance Fund Health, GLP (Maker/taker fees)

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Users within this class are granted unlimited free access to our services. They are able to retrieve L2 and L3 data pulled directly from APIs and Websockets in real-time which are linked to a number of on-chain and off-chain exchanges and then normalised.

Overall, we anticipate the Lite tier to large consist of retail traders who may not need the full services provided by GDA’s Data Lake. Up to 937,935 users will be supported.


Users within this class have all the same capabilities as a Lite user but are able to customise data feeds. Customisation allows for bespoke data feeds, filtering unnecessary data points, aggregating data by specific timesteps, grabbing historical data, custom pairs/symbols per CDN, etc.

Users in this class are able to use only some of the adapters in our Open Data Streaming Suite (ODSS). Further information surrounding these restrictions will be released soon.

Altogether, 49,634 users will have access to this tier.


Max Users have complete access to our ODSS and are able to customise any L2, L3 and additional data without restrictions. We expect most users in this class to be involved in advanced quantitative analytics.

At the current time, we expect only 9,736 users will have access to this class but this number may increase in the future.

Shown below is a table containing user features available to different tiers. This may change with future updates.